Alabama becomes 50th state to legalize homebrewing

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed a bill legalizing homebrewing of beer in his state Thursday, making Alabama the 50th and final state allowing the practice prohibited by prohibition.

The American Homebrewers Association and local groups have been working feverishly for five years in Alabama and Mississippi to get homebrewing legalized.

Mississippi legalized homebrewing in March, but the law doesn't go into effect until July 1, 2013.

"Homebrewing has been an integral part of the history of America, so it's thrilling to know that soon, all 50 states will support this growing hobby and long-standing tradition," Director of the American Homebrewers Association Gary Glass said in a statement.

July 1 will mark the first time since prohibition that homebrewing will be legal from coast to coast.

Post-Prohibition, homebrewing was not federally legal until President Jimmy Carter signed H.R. 1337 on October 14, 1978, which officially went into effect on February 1, 1979. Individual states could continue to prohibit homebrewing, and some did.

Many states still have restrictions on transportation and out-of-home consumption of homebrewed beer. There are also limits of how much beer can be brewed per household each year. The federal limit is 200 gallons per 2-person household per year. Some states have smaller limits, including Alabama's new law of 15 gallons per occupant (up to two people) per quarter-year.

Idaho code does not specify limits beyond the federal regulations.