9-year-old special needs boy has his Wii stolen

HOMEDALE, Idaho (KBOI) - 9-year-old Malachi has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and he sleeps with an oxygen tube.

A local charity gave him a Nintendo Wii video game system that made him feel like a normal kid. That changed when his mother's home was burglarized and the game system and all of his videos were stolen.

Malachi's mom says the one thing makes him like all the other kids is his love for video games and Disney movies. She says that she can tell when he sees other kids playing and he can't join in. But when he has his TV, she says that he feels like a normal kid.

"The moment when he's watching TV, and he's laughing at the cartoons or laughing because he's playing the Wii, it's like for that second it's not his medical needs, it's him being a child," his mother, Alicia Stewart said.

All that changed when she came home Thursday morning and found her house had been burglarized and the TV, the videos and the Wii were gone. Stewart says it's the second time in a month she's had stuff taken from her.

That's when the town of Homedale rallied to help.

Homedale Police showed up with a Nintendo Wii and a 32-inch TV for Malachi donated from a local pawn shop and the Roger Nash Community Action Fund.

Alex Joy, Patriot Pawn and Gun owner said, "You can replace stuff, stuff can be replaced. I think it's obviously emotional being victimized like that. That's one thing we can fix, we can fix stuff. I am glad that he's got his stuff back that he can enjoy."

Homedale police say the burglary is still being investigated.