Youth football coach, team disciplined on misconduct allegations

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- A head coach and his players have been disciplined in a youth football team in Meridian on misconduct allegations.

In a letter obtained by KBOI 2News, The Meridian Police Activities League board of directors received several complaints about coaches, players and parents of the Varsity Beavers program.

The letter states several examples of misconduct have occurred -- including "excessive or physically dangerous coaching activities, obscene or offensive gestures toward fans in the stands from the head coach as well as dangerous actions from the players."

Head Coach John Evans denies all of the alligations, and said he has never used a racial slur while coahcing.

"Never used a racial slur I'm an African American man," said Evans. "I see no reason, no rhyme or reason to put anybody down."

The league, however, did not specify what alleged "dangerous actions" were. The letter also states racial slurs were also allegedly used by coaches and players.

The directors of voted to expel the head coach, forfeit all 2014 games due to an ineligible player and suspend the entire team for one game. In addition to the suspension, Coach John Evans has been expelled from the league.

"We deeply regret having to make this ruling," the league said in the letter. "However, in order to meet our program and team goals this decision was necessary."

An attorney for the coaches, Rick Tuha, said the decision by the league was unfair and made too quickly.

"It is very unsettling that your first communication of complaints regarding the Beavers is accompanied by such a harsh sanction," Tuha said.

"More disturbing is the fact that you imposed the suspension without allowing the Beavers to respond to the allegations, or to participate in the fact finding and discussion. We are also baffled by the allegation of an ineligible player as your staff maintains strict procedures to assure that only eligible players are allowed on the field of play before games."

Read the letter from the league here.