Your Health Idaho report: 'Our numbers are very, very strong'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Your Health Idaho board members addressed the House Health and Welfare Committee Thursday morning with an annual report of Idaho's health insurance exchange, updates on security, and a break-down of what the future holds for Idaho's state-run exchange.

Your Health Idaho chairman, Stephen Wegg, and executive director, Amy Dowd, did it all in a 30-minute presentation.

"We haven't been at this effort as long as other states have been, yet our numbers are very very strong," Dowd said.

As of the end of December, almost 20,000 Idahoans were enrolled in the exchange. Your Health Idaho Board members took that number and compared it to other states. Dowd said Idaho's enrollment is fourth in the nation per capita, and third in the western states.

Dowd mentioned the New Mexico's exchange board members recently reached out to them.

"(They asked us), what can we do to model you?" Dowd said.

Security was also addressed; Dowd assured that people's personal information is safe when signing up through Your Health Idaho.

"Our in-person assisters may not hold any personal information and our call center must treat as strictly confidential any personal information they come in contact with," she said.

Dowd also mentioned no state funds have been used to run the exchange so far, and they don't plan on using any in the future.