Young child left alone in class: 'He was crying, he was scared'

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - A young child was locked in a small room at a Treasure Valley elementary and left there for hours.

A Washington Elementary school kindergarten teacher had put Tanner in a "tutor room" during school and then forgot he was in there earlier this week

The teacher then left for the day.

"The door was closed, the lights were off and he was sitting on the floor," said James Cagle, who's son Tanner was left behind. "He had urinated in his pants, he was cold and was crying - he was scared."

The Caldwell School District says it's investigating the situation.

"At this time were finishing up the investigation," said Monica White, assistant superintendent. "We're taking it very serious."

The rooms are used for extra help and small group exercises --
but Tanner's father says his son was put in there for something else.

"He had taken apart a link in a countdown chain until Christmas and I'm sorry that's not something you put a kid in an isolation cell for," Cagle said.

The Caldwell School District wont comment on the teacher's current status, but here at Washington Elementary School some parents say they saw the teacher in a classroom on Thursday.

The school district says it's still investigating and trying to keep every student safe.

"We're taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen to any other child and that our procedures and protocols are in place to make sure every child in Caldwell school district is safe," the district said.