'You see someone in need, and you got to do it no matter what'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Several people rushed to a home near the corner of Cole Rd. and Fairview Ave. after seeing thick black smoke in the air.

When they arrived the noticed a shed on fire with flames beginning to spread to the home right next to it. Some of those on scene tried to contain the fire with a garden hose while others went to see if anyone was inside.

That's where they found Marilyn Scalf who had just finished dinner and had no idea her shed and garage were on fire. Rachel Mountain was one of the people who came to help and said she was happy to do what she could.

"As a good person that's what you do," said Mountain. "You see someone in need and you got to do it no matter what."

Fire fighters arrived on scene shortly after and were able to quickly put the fire out. It only did some damage to the side of her garage and didn't touch the rest of the house.

Scalf was a little shaken by the ordeal, but is just happy that she and her dogs were fine. She also praised everyone who stopped to help.