You might have to wait until next year for snow

BOISE, Idaho - Typically by now we've already had one inch of snow on the ground during November and December.

But there are some years where the one inch of accumulation for the Treasure Valley held off until late December and January.

Looking through weather data since 1962, the first inch of snow for the 1976 season occurred on Christmas Eve. In 1987, it was Dec. 30. Even later snows fell in 1998 when the first inch occurred on Jan. 10 when four inches accumulated.

In 1990 an inch fell on New Year's Day.

The latest an inch of snow fell since 1962 was on Jan. 30 1963 when three inches accumulated.

This season we've only had .2 inches of snow that fell on Nov. 4. But we're still looking for that first inch of snow and right now it looks like it will be in January for the Treasure Valley.