'You could hear his claw marks scraping on the door'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A bear was spotted in the Avimor area off Highway 55 Sunday trying to break into area homes.

Ada County Sheriff's deputies say a homeowner called to report a bear was behind their home trying to get into the back door. While deputies were responding, the bear left the back yard and moved toward the creek that runs alongside Highway 55.

"You could hear his claw marks scraping on the door," said Glenn Harbig, an Avimor resident who spotted the bear trying to get inside his home. "He was down here banging on the door knob trying to open the door."

Harbig told KBOI-TV Monday that he called 911. In his other hand was a handgun.

"When you are like three feet away from a bear that's got his claws out and his mouth open and he's licking the window, and trying to break the glass in, it's a little scary," he said.

Deputies responded and kept watch on the bear while Fish and Game officers responded. The bear moved to a tree where he stayed until Fish and Game officers were able to tranquilize it and take it safely from the area.

Fish and Game officers estimate the male bear weighed about 175 pounds.

Mike Keckler, public information officer with the Fish and Game, says the bear was taken to the upper Payettte River drainage area.