Wounded Boise Warrior to represent USA in golf tourney

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- From the Halls of Montezuma to the golf greens of Crane Creek Country Club, Staff Sergeant Charles Linville, United States Marines, has fought his country's battles -- and paid a substantial price.

In January 2011, while working with a bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan, the 28-year-old Boise native stepped on an improvised explosive device.

"I stepped on it, and I got knocked unconscious," Linville remembers. "I heard that big boom, and I thought, oh great."

Linville lost some fingers on his right hand, suffered spine damage, and his right leg was ultimately amputated below the knee.

But he considers himself lucky because the IED only partially detonated.

"For me it's like winning the lottery," he says. "I'm alive and I have minimal wounds compared to what they could have been."

Now, some 20 surgeries later, Linville's back on top of his game -- and that includes golf.

In fact, the husband and father of two young girls has been picked from among hundreds of wounded warrior golfers nationwide to join the prestigious 12-member United States Simpson Cup team and play their British counterparts in England Sept. 22-25.

It's like the Ryder Cup but the competitors are wounded American and British military.

"So it will be good to match up with our brothers across the pond for a competitive game of golf," he says. "They won it last year on US soil, so it'll be good to return the favor this year, for sure."

Linville says he would never have been able to make the US Simpson Cup team without the support of the Boise community and Crane Creek Country Club, which gave him an honorary membership.

Linville knows more challenges are ahead in life.

But he's a Marine, so overcoming adversity is par for the course.