Would you like to fire your members of Congress?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Local residents are getting upset with their members of Congress, and Washington D.C. in general, over the shutdown and debt ceiling debate. Many we talked with say there needs to be a fundamental change.

In a poll taken on, 84 percent of people said they would like to fire their member of Congress because of the government gridlock.

When we hit the streets to ask the same question, many said the answer was more complicated than a yes or no. Most told us they want to see a fundamental change.

"I think there should be term limits," said Nate Pickens of Boise. "I think people are entrenched in the political life and I think more concerned with being reelected than actually being a servant of the public."

We talked with one man from Oklahoma who said the problem isn't always with Congress. He would like to see more people pay closer attention to the issues.

"When these elections come up they need to make really informed decisions about who is going to represent their interest and who is supporting those people who are going to speak for them," said Aaron Patrone.

Even though 84 percent of people in our web poll want to see their members of Congress fired. Many told us they know it's not that easy because of certain factors.

"There are two things that are wrong in the country and that is money in politics and gerrymandering," said Pickens. "I don't know how we go about fixing those because everybody is pretty entrenched in business as usual."

Even though a recent Gallop poll shows Congress's approval rating at 11 percent, 90 percent of incumbents kept their seats in Congress in last year's election.