Workers deal with triple digit heat

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - It was 101 degrees for the first pitch of the Boise Hawks game against Eugene on Friday.

Even with the heat, the vendors, known as Hawkers, still have to go up and down the stair selling food and drinks. Timothy Hicks, who is known as the Candy Man, is a cotton candy vendor who knows a few tricks to cool down during a game.

"Sometimes I put a little ice cube under my hat, gets my head really cold and maybe a rag to wash off your face, and a lot of water," said Hicks.

Geno Ray is another Hawker who sells drinks around the stadium, but he also has to lug around a cooler which weighs several pounds. He said vendors have to condition to be ready, but this heat took him by surprise.

"It's been a little bit ridiculous," said Ray. "Luckily there is a breeze, and I get to go get a break every once in awhile, but this is a little unreal."

Ray said even with the heat it's worth going up and down stairs to see the energy of the crowd during the game. He and other vendors will have to get ready because their home stand goes through Sunday. The heat is only expected to get worse through the weekend.