Work overtime, get paid overtime for managers on salary

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The President signed an executive order giving managers on salary a chance to get overtime. It's a law that started back in the 70's that did away with overtime for upper management executives. But now it's hitting managers that don't make the high end pay but work a lot of overtime and don't get paid for it.

The new order mainly would affect restaurant managers, fast food shift supervisors, and convenience store managers that are salaried and make as little as $26,660 a year, but no overtime. Professor Gundy Kalupins BSU Management Department says, "These managers will often do 90% of their work in menial task, like cleaning floors, things of that nature which is often nonexempt in other words paid a wage."

While managers at Wise Guys Pizza Pie in downtown Boise get paid for their overtime Lindsi Robison says just finding a full time manager job downtown is rare. "Most places, it's just part time work around here, you know 20 hours a week, 20 to 30 hours a week," Robison said.

Experts think that the President's order will increase labor cost and therefore reduce employment. Or businesses would replace salaried positions with minimum wage workers. "Does it hurt employment? Probably does. But is it fair to have a lot of people make minimum wage," Kalupins said.