Women aren't making more than men in Idaho

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Over the past 13 years, the salary for women in Idaho has continually gone up, but they are still no where close to the average male salary.

The Idaho Department of Labor says, women earn about 78 percent of men and that the average weekly earning for women in Idaho ranked 42nd in the nation. But it wasn't much better for men, which ranked 38th in the nation.

The average weekly pay for women in Idaho is right around $600. For guys, the average pay is right below $800.

The states which had the highest wages for women were all on the East Coast. They included: Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey, which were all above $800 a week.

Some of the factors that lowered the salary for women in Idaho were the type of jobs and industries in the state and the age of the labor force.