Woman up to her ears in ants: 'I pick them off me all day long'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Jessica Kalil, 28, of Boise, says all she wants is for her house to be safe for her 11-month-old child.

"I'm not after my landlord for money," she told KBOI News. "I don't want to sue him. All I want is the respect and recognition I deserve for what's happening."

What's happening for one thing, she says, is a massive ant infestation throughout her mobile home off State Street.

Spraying large amounts of Raid hasn't worked, she says.

"I pick them off of me all day long," Kalil says. "I found them in my son's crib. I'm afraid they'll get in his ears."

And she says her son recently suffered heat stroke because the air conditioner hasn't been working during the heat wave.

"My son ended up in the hospital for five hours because of it," she said.

While state law is clear the landlord is responsible for maintaining appliances that are provided and for bug infestations, Kalil says her repeated calls and texts to her landlord have been ignored.

And we were unable to reach him as well, although we left a message.

Kalil says she and her husband can't afford to move out and she's afraid they'll be evicted if they go to small claims court.

But she knows things can't go on like this.

(But things are cooling down a bit as her husband has been able to get the air conditioner to work.)