Woman, son charged with unlawful entry

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A woman and her son have been charged with misdemeanor unlawful entry and trespassing after police say they moved into a bank-owned, $340,000 home on South Cloverdale Road in an apparent attempt to own it by occupying it.

Tara Mashburn, 44, and her 21 year old son, Kassidy McDaid, were arrested Thursday.

Police say four children living in the house have been sent to live with relatives.

Neighbor Corinne Logan, who lives several hundred yards from the house says it's a curious end to what she thought was the welcome arrival of new neighbors.

"The house has been up for sale for a while," said Logan. "So we thought great, somebody's moved in. We were getting ready to bring them cookies and welcome them to the neighborhood. Then we have all this police activity yesterday."

Authorities say Mashburn paid $2,000 in property taxes on the home and then sent a letter to the Ada County Sheriff's Office on March 26 informing officials of her intentions.

Ada County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Roger Bourne says Mashburn might have been attempting to use a real estate law where a person pays taxes on a property and then moves in with the hope of eventually claiming the legal title.