Woman says tire store told her 'federal law' requires new tires

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A woman claims a sales person at a Firestone Tire Store in Boise talked her into buying new tires because of a "federal law' that prevented her from getting her old one repaired.

Leslie Marcon noticed she had a flat tire Sunday morning, and took it to Firestone on Fairview Ave. She said once the salesperson found out her tires were seven years old he claimed he couldn't fix them due to a "federal law" which said they were too old.

She thought that was strange, even though the tread on them was fine. Because Marcon works in Alaska most of the time she has very few miles on her car.

After going back and forth she decided to replace all of her tires because of the safety concern he brought up. Also because she had to be in Pocatello the next morning.

What made her angry, she says, was once she took the tires to three different shops in Pocatello they claimed the tires were fine and could be fixed.

"Yeah, I was in a bind and could have taken it somewhere else to get it patched," Marcon said. "But to make me feel like there is a federal law that says my tires are dangerous, and I shouldn't be on the road with them, that's bad."

KBOI checked with several agencies, including the Idaho Transportation Department, that told us no such law exists.

Shortly after KBOI contacted Firestone, the company issued a response which read:

"At Bridgestone Retail Operation's 2,216 tire and automotive service centers, we take the maintenance and repair of our customers' vehicles very seriously. The experience Ms. Marcon had at our Boise location, with one store employee, was neither up to her standards, nor ours. We are happy to have reached a satisfactory resolution, one in which she was fully reimbursed for the cost of the new tires, which remain on her vehicle."

Not only did Marcon get her $560 back, but they also upgraded her tires which were two years old to a 2014 model.

Marcon said she was very happy with the response from the Firestone general manager.

According to that same manager, Firestone does have a policy of not mounting tires that are more than 10 years old. They can also choose not to repair a tire if it is too worn out, or doesn't have enough tread.

The person who originally sold her those tires has been put on leave until managers can look into the situation further.