Woman says neighbor killed puppy for chasing rodents on property

PORTLAND, Ore. - You don't have to go too far on Priscilla Bush's property to spot some unwelcome guests.

Bush lives behind Johnson Creek and says dozens of pesky nutria made themselves right at home in her yard after the city cleaned the creek up a few years back.

Bush says they aren't even afraid of humans, because her neighbor, Michael Hutchinson, began feeding them.

So when Bush's daughter rescued Marley the terrier from the pound, they were excited the little guy had a knack for keeping the giant rodents at bay.

She didn't think twice when she let him out Thursday afternoon.

That changed quickly when Marley limped back to the house, gushing blood from what she thinks was a gun shot wound from a pellet gun.

"I went hysterical. I was screaming and crying," Bush said. "I was holding Marley, you know holding him in my arms. He basically died in my arms."

Hutchinson lives in a trailer on Gary Anderson's property.

"He told me he didn't do it. He didn't shoot it. He says the nutria were chasing the dog," Anderson said.

But police didn't believe that story. Hutchinson was arrested and faces multiple charges of animal abuse.