Woman on historic rain storm: 'It just got higher and higher'

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KBOI) -- Tori Snow still can't believe what happened.

The rain came, and it never let up.

She was woken up by her younger sister who told her water was starting to get into the basement. As the rain fell harder throughout the day, the situation only got worse.

"As the hours went by it just got higher and higher by inches. It was about four inches deep in the basement, and about two or three feet high in the back yard."

More than three and a half inches of rain has fallen since Tuesday, and the city says their drainage system is only meant to handle about that two inches. So the rest flowed over banks and sometimes into homes like Snow's. | Photos of Twin Falls

The storm is being described as a 100-year storm. Something like this just doesn't happen all too often.

Once the rain finally stopped they were able to make headway pumping the water out of their yard.

As Tori showed us the basement you could still see standing water, and they had to take drastic measure to help get some of it out.

"We even had to break our toilet down here just to get the water to suck through."

Tori says she's seen small flooding before but never anything like this.

This was the first step in their cleanup efforts, but now she and her family are trying to figure out how much more they will need to get back to normal.