Woman killed in crash stirs up discussion online

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Family and friends of the woman killed in a vehicle crash early Friday morning are posting their reactions on Facebook. 21-year-old Aldina Ekic died when the man she was driving with, Andrew Cassell, crashed on Highway 44 near Horseshoe Bend Road.

Ekic's brother, Aldin Ekic posted Friday morning from the victim's Facebook page.

"Hey everyone, this is Aldina's little brother," he wrote, "My sister died in a car crash on Halloween night and I just wanted to let y'all know. The whole family is really hurt by this, and I will update you on her funeral and viewing."

Comments under that post show a lot of shock and sympathy from those who knew Ekic. Many of her Facebook friends describe the young woman as a great person and offer their support to her family.

Ekic's brother posted a second update Friday afternoon giving details of his sister's funeral, which will be held Saturday afternoon.