Woman gets rescued from top of car that gets swept away

MURPHY, Idaho (KBOI) - Storms that blew through just outside the town of Murphy left one woman stranded after flood waters swept her off the driveway and into thick mud.

The woman was actually trying to keep a neighborhood girl from getting caught in the rain when she got off the school bus. That's when she got swept right off her driveway. Her husband said, " I drove down to her right there and I looked over and there's my wife sitting on top of the car and water all around her. This aint good."

Owyee County Sheriffs and Murphy fire came to her rescue. They made it out to her with a rope and with the help of fire rescue crews they were able to walk her back to safety. Owyee County Sheriffs say that they got pounded with rain Wednesday night and when the storms came through Thursday afternoon it left a mess with water and mud flows over the roads.

There were also reports of calves, goats and dogs getting swept away near Murphy. Dry creek beds in town were suddenly flowing rivers. And just outside of town where the woman was stranded there were mounds of pea sized hail stones blocking her driveway. "I've never seen anything like it, I am an old man and I've seen everything but I aint ever seen that before," says her husband Jim Skelton.