With ticket sales down, brothers reroute to Boise for Thursday night game

The Broncos could be playing without their 12th man when they face their first in-division rivals Thursday night. (Devan Kaney photo) 

The Broncos could be playing without their 12th man when they face their conference rivals Thursday night.

“So right now we’re not where we want to be on ticket sales for the New Mexico game," said Brad Larrondo, Senior Associate Athletic Director at Boise State University.

There are 36,000 seats in Albertsons Stadium.

“We still have 9,000 to 10,000 seats that are available,” Larrondo said.

But morale is strong for brothers Ryan and Michael Bokan, who traveled from different time zones to watch Boise State play.

“When I’m out of town with all my friends I’m pretty proud to say Boise is a football town and sometimes when the TV scans up to the nosebleeds, and I see some empty bleachers, it hurts," Michael said. "So I do everything I can to get back down here and help out the Broncos.”

In fact, the Boise natives were supposed to go on vacation this week.

“We had plans to go to Costa Rica this week,” Ryan said.

“Flights booked and all,” Michael said.

But the Blue was calling, and they decided to re-route.

“So you guys essentially chose Boise over Costa Rica?” KBOI 2 News reporter Devan Kaney asked.

“Basically," Ryan said. "Actually – exactly. Yes, that is exactly what we did."

If last week’s heartbreaking loss taught Boise State anything, it’s that home field advantage is very real.

“That support we need not only for the home field advantage for our football team, because we saw last week at Washington State how much a home crowd made a difference at the end of the game," Larrondo said. "So not only is it fuel for the atmosphere to keep this program moving forward, and we need to have moving forward.”

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