With boating season underway deputies are emphasizing safety

ADA COUNTY, Idaho (KBOI) - With the nice weather is also coming more people hitting local waterways in boats. Deputies with the marine patrol are also out reminding people that small oversights can be dangerous.

On Sunday dozens of boats were on the water and deputies were out in full force.

Ada County Marine Deputy Hyrum Jones said that often times little things can be over looked that can not only lead to a fine, but can also be dangerous.

For instance everyone 14 or under on a boat 19 feet or less has to wear a life jacket. Even though adults aren't required to wear one they do have to have it on board.

"For example you have 10 people on your boat and you only have 9 life jackets. You have to have enough life jackets to actually go around for everyone that's on the boat. They have to be the right size and proper style for that person.

Jones said the majority of what people forget, or are cited for, is certain equipment not on the boat.

After a tragedy just a few weeks ago deputies will also be on the lookout for where people on your boat are sitting. Few weeks ago a 22 year old man died when he was standing on the bow and fell over. He was hit by the propeller and died on scene.

Deputy Jones said standing on the bow or sitting on the back while the boat is moving is illegal.

Since it's early in the season they plan to give out more warnings just to help educate the public. Although there are some things they can't overlook like DUI. Some people don't realize operating a boat has the same limit as driving which is a blood alcohol of .08.

Deputies encourage anyone who is operating a boat to take a safety course before hitting the water.