Winter weather leaves Bogus Basin Road icy

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Icy roads are slowing folks down all across the region, especially on steep curvy roads, like the one that leads to Bogus Basin. The resort itself is actually responsible for keeping the road open, and keeping the skiing accessible.

"Things are just a little slick. We've got the road plowed and sanded, but if you're coming up here we certainly recommend chains or snow tires," says Alan Moore, the resorts general manager.

Near the top of the mountain the roads are snow covered, which makes them slick, but at least you can see what you are driving on. Near the bottom of the road in the foothills, there can be lots of black ice, especially in the mornings, which is not so easy to spot.

Interspersed between the black ice you can find stretches of dry pavement, which can trick some drivers into going just a bit too fast.

"It was definitely slick at the bottom. It got better towards the top though. They laid down a lot of dirt and it got better as you went up," says Damian Hainer, who drove the road on Wednesday morning.

Rick Simon has been driving Bogus Basin road for decades, and he says conditions right now are trickier than what you get with heavy snow.

"Probably a little worse because of the slickness at the bottom. Mainly not because it's slick, but because you can't see it coming. When you get heavier snow and ice you are kind of looking for that, but today I wasn't expecting it," says Simon.

For the careful drivers, a new coating of fresh powder awaits at the top of the mountain.