Winning Idaho Raffle $1 million ticket sold in Ada County

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The winning raffle ticket for Wednesday's $1 million prize was purchased in Ada County, Idaho Lottery officials say.

Someone purchased raffle number 108847, but has yet to notify Idaho Lottery officials.

One of the $10,000 winners was also sold in Ada County and two from Oneida County along the Idaho-Utah border. Those winning numbers are: 188011, 040103, and 183104.

Also, there are fifty $1,000 prizes, one thousand $100 prizes, one thousand $50 prizes, and twenty-four hundred $25 prizes.

Winners with raffle prizes worth more than $1,000 must claim their prize at the Idaho Lottery offices in Boise.

To see if you won one of the prizes, you can check your ticket number at the Idaho Lottery website.