Wind gusts roll several semis

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KBOI) - High winds caused six semis to roll Monday afternoon in Southern Idaho, that's according to Idaho State Police. Troopers also say a truck with a trailer and another car were blown over. Reports from weather stations showed wind gusts of up to 66 mph.

Drivers from other vehicles came to the rescue of one trapped truck driver.

"I tried to get into the truck, help the driver who was pinned against his door and steering wheel," Kelly Verwey said. "The window that would be in the sleeper, I broke that out and dropped myself into the cab to be with the driver and then kicked the windshield out from the inside."

Other people came to help pull the driver out of the massive rig tipped on its side. Idaho State Police started to get the word out for truckers to stay away until the winds died down.

"We're working with the transportation department to warn truckers through the use of social media to stay away, stop your trucks and stay away until this wind advisory passes," Captain Rob Storm, of the Idaho State Police said.