Will downtown Boise bike lanes stay or go?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Ada County Highway District Commissioners will vote on Wednesday whether or not to keep Boise's downtown bike lanes.

ACHD has received more than 11,000 surveys and more than 1,200 emails and letters about the bike lanes. More than half of responses have been negative.

But in addition to public opinion, ACHD has other factors to take into consideration such as traffic flow and findings from city engineers.

But after a high number of complaints, ACHD says if it decides to keep the lanes, they most likely won't stay the same as they are now.

"If the project doesn't get scrapped and we move forward, I think there will be a lot of things that we'll see changed a little bit," said Nicole Pineda, ACHD Spokeswoman.

Planners aren't giving details of what would be changed yet, but ACHD says the bike lanes may have come with to much change all at once, as they altered parking areas and made for many 'No turn on red stops'.

"We're going to kind of look at how it's all worked together, what's working, what really hasn't worked, if there are there safety concerns," Pineda said. "These are all things we're taking into consideration."