Wild turkey making downtown Boise its home

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - It's not uncommon to see a goose or deer in the middle of town in Boise. Wild turkeys, however, usually stay in the woods. That's why recent turkey sightings in the City of Trees are causing so much excitement.

In the past week and a half, a turkey has been spotted in several spots around Boise, including near Parkcenter Boulevard, on Boise State University's campus and on Thursday, in the middle of downtown.

Idaho Fish and Game got a call from someone who saw the bird outside of Bardenay at around 11:00 Thursday morning. Then around noon, several others say they saw him in some bushes near The Grove.

"Everybody was standing there taking pictures of it," said Steve Bergin, a witness. "It was just staying right there. It wasn't moving. It was just standing there looking at us."

Another bystander, Jeff Plegge, described him as, "Very photogenic. It was like modeling, posing."

After a few minutes of flying high on the attention, the gobbler disappeared, leaving downtown bird lovers guessing at where he'll make his next appearance.

"I hear it's making its trek over from the river, and hopefully it stays around for a little while," Plegge said.

Idaho Fish and Game says if it's able to find the turkey, it will capture it and take it to a more natural habitat.