Wild critters in your backyard? Who ya gonna call?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Annette, who asks that we just use her first name, found a badger parked on her front porch in South Boise this week.

It was a typical American badger like this and Annette called the Idaho Fish and Game office in Nampa to see if somebody could come and get the animal.

"And I was informed by the lady who answered that they didn't have somebody to do that," Annette said. "And she provided me with the names of some trappers in the area and their numbers and said i could call them. So I reiterated I was across from the park where kids play."

But Fish and Game's answer was the same.

Before a trapper could be called, the badger beat its retreat around Annette's house and scurried away into the neighborhood somewhere.

So we wanted to know what the protocol is at Fish and Game when somebody calls about a wild animal in their yard?

"We get a lot of calls, people saying they've got a badger in my yard, or a raccoon," said Vicky Runnoe with Fish and Game. "But we simply don't have the personnel to do that. If it's something major like an elk or mountain lion, we would certainly respond. But with smaller critters, we encourage them to rent a trap, or call Animals In Distress or groups like that."

Fish and Game says it's just a fact of life with Boise's habitat and the river corridor, some wild animals are bound to make their way to your front door.