Why did other states issue an Amber Alert before Idaho?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Idaho was the last state to issue an Amber Alert for Hannah Anderson. Even after she and James DiMaggio were spotted two days before. It turns out it wasn't Idaho's decision.

It turns out officials in California have to give the go ahead for the Amber Alert if the case originates in that state. Officers also have strict guidelines on needed information before they issue one.

Even though one was issued in Idaho on Friday, some residents didn't know about it until then.

"I really think it should have gotten out a little sooner because that's when most of my friends, and colleges is when we heard about it through our phones," said Asia Plaza of Fruitland.

Washington and Oregon issued Amber Alerts on Wednesday, but Idaho didn't put one out until Friday. Even though horseback riders had reported seeing them on Wednesday near Cascade.

Even if Idaho had issued one on the same day as its neighboring states it might not have made a difference. James DiMaggio, and Hannah Anderson were already hiding out in the woods when the other alerts went out.

It might not have mattered because many found out about the alert long before through social media, and other news coverage.

According to the San Diego Sheriff, one area they think could use improvement is how people get the message to their cellphones. Some phones don't receive the messages. Even when they do others have trouble opening up the information.