Who needs a guard dog? Ore. woman's cat helps prevent break-in

SILVERTON, Ore. - Someone was trying to break in to Rose Taylor's home early Sunday morning.

"I could see his shadow and hear movement here," she said.

But the man never made it inside Taylor's house, thanks to her cat named Addy.

"I told her she had an attitude, so I named her Addy Tudy," Taylor said.

Addy showed that attitude at just the right time. While Taylor slept, Addy heard a noise and woke up her owner.

"Probably what she heard, trying to move the screen. It kind of wobbles," said Taylor.

"She's growling. And then I hear her stand up. She was telling me something. She just flew out of bed."

Taylor jumped out of bed, too. She started yelling, turned on a light and called 9-1-1.

Taylor said the commotion scared the man away.

"I saw him and he's already across the street," she said. "My whole heart's thumping. It was really, it was really scary. I was shakin' like a leaf."

One of Taylor's neighbors was not so lucky. Apparently that neighbor had four recent break-ins.

Taylor said police found some fingerprints at her house. She's getting a new lock for her door and probably some new perks for her favorite cat.

"I can't afford salmon now, but she has some good tuna."

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