Who is responsible for clearing snow on sidewalks?

BOISE, Idaho - In Boise, it is the business or homeowner's responsibility to get out a shovel or broom and clear sidewalks.

Most downtown sidewalks were clear today.

"They are actually quite nice. I've only hit one icy spot on Idaho and that's it," said Kennedy Perry.

But on Broadway, it's a patch work of businesses that have cleared snow and some that haven't.

Frequent walker Louis Sheppard says he really appreciates when businesses clear out snow.

"When you walk around in a suit and trip and fall it's not a pretty thing," said Sheppard.

But it isn't just businesses that have to clear a path. Sidewalks in front of your house need to be cleared too.

"we understand that it's not possible for everyone in the city to do it, many people are out of town or they just aren't physically able to shovel their own walk so we ask that people be good neighbors," said Boise Spokesman Adam Park.

Walking through neighborhoods can be a wet sloppy mess.

Park says they don't patrol for snow violations, but when a complaint comes in the city contacts property owners and a ticket is possible.

"It's rare for someone to be cited for that but it is a possibility particularly for a repeat offender," said Park.

A personal injury lawyer told KBOI 2News if someone does get hurt on the side walk in front of your house you are likely covered by homeowners insurance. Beyond that, it would be up to a jury.