Whiskey Complex fire burns in super dry fuels

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) -- Crews are making progress on the Whiskey Complex Fire, but it's a slow slog, hindered by hazy morning inversions that can keep aircraft from flying.

But perhaps the biggest challenge is the fires are burning in dry fuels that typically represent conditions of late August.

"We are very dry right now," said fire behavior analyst Nick Yturri. "Like I said about a month ahead of schedule."

If the conditions are similar to late August, what are we going to find in late August? Is it going to get worse?

"It really depends on the weather patterns and what moisture moves into the region," said Yturri. "If this trend continues we could be in for a long summer."

Because of the dry conditions, fire crews have to take a different approach to fighting this fire. For one thing the fire fighters themselves cant get too close to the flames, everything is so dry it could literally blow up on them."

At last count, the fire has scorched some 6,000 acres.

A concern now is to keep the southern flank of the fire away from the tiny community of Pioneerville, which has ten homes.

No structure have been lost and fire crews want to keep it that.