While the temps are warm, that doesn't mean the water is

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - With school out, there are a lot more kids, and even adults, hitting the water ways including the Boise River.

Even though we could see 90 degree temperatures by the end of the week, the cold water can still cause hypothermia. Right now the average water temperature is around 50 degrees in Boise, and hypothermia can set in just after five minutes in the water.

Even with the colder water temperatures, we ran into several people who have already braved the water, but most admit they can't do it for too long.

First responders say the signs of hypothermia include shivering, being disoriented, and turning blue.

Kids are also more prone to hypothermia, so if they start shivering it's important to make them take a break from the water to warm up.

Another problem is what is known as cold shock. That occurs when people jump or fall into cold water which causes their body to tense up and not work as well. People can find it harder to breath or even move.

If you do plan to go into the water while it's still this cold, first responders recommend having a way to warm up quickly, and don't spend too much time sitting or swimming in the water.