What states will let you carry concealed with an Idaho license

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Idaho is an open carry state allowing you to have a weapon visible, in plain sight, legally, according to the Attorney General's office. To get a concealed weapons permit you need to demonstrate familiarity with a firearm, usually by taking a class.

In July, Idaho passed legislation for an Enhanced Concealed Weapons license in the hopes that additional states would reciprocate. Idaho Attorney General's Office then sent out letters to all the states asking for them to recognize Idaho's Enhanced Concealed Weapons permits.

The enhanced course requires 8 hours of training that must include firing at least 98 rounds by the student. Instruction must cover Idaho law relating to firearms by a member of the Idaho state bar or a law enforcement officer.

So far only 3 states, Nevada, New Mexico and South Carolina, will honor only Idaho's enhanced permit. 24 states recognize both types of Idaho's concealed weapons licenses. 14 states wont honor either of them, and the rest are undetermined.

So with 8 more hours of training for only 3 added states, is it really worth it to get the Enhanced license? Rob Namer of Triple Threat Firearms Training Company says he is encouraged by the direction Idaho is going with gun laws and feels it may be well worth it. "It's the training aspect of it, you're getting 8 hours of training, live fire, lecture, you can't go wrong with that. And that's what you want," Namer said.