Study: 90 percent of teens don't get enough exercise

9 out of 10 teenagers in the U.S. are out of shape.

A shocking new study reveals 9 out of 10 teenagers in the U.S. are out of shape, and it may be partly related to a lack of physical education in schools.

KBOI 2News spoke with local school districts about what they are doing to help.

“I think getting one hour of physical activity in is great but I think some people needs to start with baby steps and then move it up from there in time,” Rachel Ryden, Boise High P.E. teacher said.

Boise School District requires one year of physical education for all high school students. That’s more than most school districts throughout the nation. According to the CDC, only 29% of high schools around the United States require students to have gym class every day.

“You’re doing 30 to 40 minutes of workout like five days a week and for a lot of people, if they don’t workout outside of school, they’re not going to really try that hard in P.E.,” Boise High sophomore, Abram Brown, said. “And so that’s why they don’t get the right workout.”

Ryden’s curriculum focuses on five main components – muscular strength and endurance, cardio, flexibility, and body composition.

“Our classes they can do are physical fitness, P.E., lifetime sports and if they aren’t in a sport we have a ton of club programs also that the students can get involved in,” Ryden said.

But Ryden’s class isn’t just limited to the gym. She uses all of Boise’s resources like the foothills and BSU to give students different opportunities to try various sports.