West End food trucks roll in for 1st day

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The West End Food Park opened up for the first time Thursday. Two food trucks and a beer truck were on hand to feed the neighbors that showed up around 6 p.m. Foodies had their choice of a gourmet burger and hand seasoned fries or a crepe filled with chicken, cheese and spinach.

About 50 people showed up to take in the food trucks' menu. The trucks started falling behind quick as more hungry people in the neighborhood showed up. "I think it's a good turnout, maybe more than some of them were prepared for," Elinor Chehey said.

It all started with one man in the neighborhood who doesn't even have a food truck but just had a craving. Matt Sorensen said, "I am weird like that I guess. I just want good food near my house. And no one else is bringing it near me, so I decided to do it for myself."

Sorensen says he picked the open lot on Fairview and 25th because he sees expansion coming to his neighborhood. "It's coming this way, this way is the new "it" spot. And we want to jump on that," Sorensen said.

His plan is to sign on more food trucks to sell food in the lot everyday except Sundays for lunch and dinner.