Weiser woman worries herd of cattle being abused

WEISER, Idaho (KBOI) -- Barbara Loredo is worried about the health of some 30 head of cattle near Weiser.

"I'm seeing very thin calves," she said. "I see no straw or hay, nothing. And it's been like this for days.""

Loredo thinks they're not being fed enough and showed us how they appear to have consumed all the sagebrush in their compound for lack of proper feed.

We discovered five dead cows at one location, two dead adults and three calves. But we don't know how they died.

Loredo reported her concern to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies have checked on the cattle and talked with owner who says he is feeding them. The owner's name is not being released.

The sheriff's office say it's not sure if this is a case of animal neglect or of unfamiliarity with the breed.

These are Spanish Corriente cattle, bred for team roping, and thinner than average beef cows.

But Loredo says these animals just don't look well.

"This is terrible," she said.

The sheriff's office wants to know for sure. A veterinarian with the Department of Agriculture is being asked to come take a look.

That may not happen until Monday.