Weather is increasing risk of mudslides

HORSESHOE BEND, Idaho (KBOI) - As snow melts and rain continues the risk of rock and mudslides Highway 55 and other mountain roadways is increasing. Minor slides have already been reported by some drivers.

Highway 55 is a major roadway for commuters who work in Boise, and for people wanting to hit the mountains for fun.

It's especially important for people on the highways at night to slow down because rocks, and slides can be hard to see until drivers get close.

Those who are used to seeing slides on their commute said they keep a close eye on road conditions during this time of the year.

"Not being able to get home because of a mudslide makes me reconsider my route," said Bruce Biggs of Lowman "Going through Idaho City would be a longer route but there are challenges with mud sliding on that road too."