Weather conditions make perfect snow at Bogus

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The recent snow means a surge in business at Bogus Basin. The ski resort says as of about 3:30 Friday afternoon, it had already seen 3,500 people hit the slopes for the day.

"If it snows a little bit, it brings folks up to enjoy the mountain," said Jamie Zolber, a ski instructor at Bogus.

And it snowed more than just a 'little bit' Thursday night, making Friday one of the biggest days Boise's slopes have seen this season.

Zolber says weather conditions made for the perfect powder.

"The temperatures were nice and cool, so it's really soft and really creamy on the groomers," Zolber explained. "The skiing and riding is really excellent right now."

Zolber tells KBOI with even more snow coming in Friday night, he expects the slopes to be packed this weekend.