'We spend the majority of our time picking up this junk'

BOISE COUNTY, Idaho (KBOI) - A Clear Creek woman called KBOI 2News because she's tired of picking up after people who trash the area along Grimes Creek.

"We come to the creek probably three or four times a week to run the dogs, and we come get firewood and stuff, and every time, we're picking up garbage," Vicki Lane said. "There's always garbage left behind."

Lane said her neighbors filled three trash bags from two campsites on Tuesday, and that was just trash left Monday night.

"This is an area that's spread out for many miles along a given creek," said David Olson, spokesman for the Boise National Forest.

He said the sites, which do not have garbage cans or restroom facilities, are for dispersed camping. "Pack it in, pack it out," or in other words, bring what you need and take it with you when you leave.

"It really does fall on the campers to clean up," Olson said. "There just really aren't enough people to take care of that."

Olson said Boise National Forest employees patrol known party sites and can prosecute people who litter.

Lane said the trash problem gets worse each year.

"We spend the majority of our time picking up this junk instead of enjoying what we're here to enjoy," she said.