'We need something that will bring people back'

HORSESHOE BEND, Idaho (KBOI) - Boise County is considering allowing expanding gambling including slots, and card games. There would need to be a change to the Idaho Constitution.

The Boise County Gaming Committee held their final open house meeting in Horseshoe Bend Wednesday night to answer questions from residents, and give information on why they are looking into it.

Many who attended were in favor because they said there were no jobs to help keep younger people to stay. The area used to rely heavily on timber jobs, but many have since disappeared. One man in the audience said he was in favor of the proposal to help bring jobs.

"Now we have nothing people moved. We need something that will bring people back," said the local resident.

Commissioner Vicki Wilkins said the country and local cities could use the money and noted that other cities have seen success doing the same in other states.

She was also quick to point out the concerns many people have when gambling becomes a big part of a town.

Currently the Idaho State Constitution bans gambling expect for lottery, bingo, and a few others.

In order to change that the legislature would need a two-thirds majority just to put the issue on the ballot. Which then needs to be approved by a majority of statewide voters.