'We made possibly the world's longest basketball shot'

BOISE, Idaho - If at first you don't succeed try, try again. Like 50 times. Because it pays off.

Just ask one Middleton High School freshman who recently sank the shot of a lifetime.

It's a family reunion Traeten Boyle will never forget at Jack's Rock, near the town of Stanley and Alturas Lake, with his brother and cousins.

"We went up to the same place for a family reunion last year," says Traeten," and this year we were just thinking we could do a shot off there, and it would be a pretty cool shot."

It was. The hoop was hauled from the family home in Middleton. And the distance the shot covered equaled more than half a football field.

"We made possibly the world's longest basketball shot," says Traeten. "It was 55 yards from the direct distance from the hoop to me."

That's 165 feet, which would beat the world record of 104 feet. But that basket, made last year in Hollywood, California happened on a level plane, not from high above.

Still, it gives this 15 year-old something to shoot for and he's already planning his next attempt.

"We were hoping to go to BSU stadium and shoot it off from the top of there," Traeten says with a laugh.

The ball is now in Boise State's court.