'We can't give these kids a slap on the hand'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Neighbors are reacting to the news that 10 juveniles are set to be charged over a window shot out last week at Les Bois Jr. High. Those we talked with think those responsible should face stiffer penalties.

The juveniles are set to be charged with disorderly conduct over the incident. Their has been no mention on whether they could face charges regarding the damage to property or shots fired.

Some neighbors think the charges should be much harsher for what was done.

"Being juveniles, the parents should be held accountable to some extent," said Scot Graham who lives near Les Bois Jr. High. "They should be charged with something beyond disorderly conduct. We can't give these kids a slap on the hand or they are never going to learn."

Other neighbors tell us they were worried until hearing the news because they didn't know why the school was targeted.

It's unclear if this incident is related to a report of shots fired at Trail Wind Elementary School last Thursday afternoon. All police could tell us was that the case is still being investigated.