'We are coming' Scammers threatening arrest, getting hostile

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Attorney General's Office reports Idahoans have lost more than $1.6 million the past year to scammers. One scam in particular has Idahoans flooding the Attorney General's phone with complaints.

Lawrence Wasden warns about the hoax, in which scammers pose as IRS agents and demand cash. Wasden said the scam has been around for several years, but the fake agents are now starting to get more intimidating and threatening.

"He started yelling at me, 'give me your phone number, give me your phone number' and I said, 'no I won't, I want to know what this is pertaining to,' and he said, 'well we're going to have your husband arrested in 45 minutes; we are coming," Meridian resident, Deana DuVall said.

DuVall said she was taken aback the first time she got the call, but was smart and hung up the phone. She did a little digging and found other Idahoans were getting similar, threatening phone calls from fake IRS agents, so she made a complaint to the IRS and then to the Attorney General's Office.

She said she's dealt with the IRS before for her daughter, and knew it couldn't be real, but said the caller was so intimidating she wasn't sure others would know to hang up right away like she did.

"I would've been afraid my grandmother would have been targeted," DuVall said. "She would have gone, 'gasp' let me give you my checking account number right now, we have to take care of this, it's the IRS."

The Attorney General's Office said if you get a phone call like DuVall did, just hang up the phone. Wasden said the IRS will never call and demand money like that, it's just not how they do business.

"I said, 'no you're ridiculous, this isn't happening, this isn't the way it works,'" Duvall said.

To listen to a phone call with a fake IRS agent, click here.