'We are being heard, we just need Wash. D.C. to hear us'

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) - Residents are continuing to get information and voice their concerns about the proposed routes for the Gateway West Transmission Line Project stretching from Wyoming into Idaho.

The 1,000 mile line is the largest transmission project in the US currently under consideration. The BLM held a meeting in Kuna to take public comment and show some of the route proposals. Robyn Thompson of Owyhee County showed up to gain support from residents to get certain routes changed. Thompson bought land to build their new home because their current home was near one of the proposed routes. Then, in August, she received more bad news.

"We strategically bought this land, and in August that alternative was altered, and it comes right over our brand new house," said Thompson.

The BLM said it's taking public comment until late June, and a final decision won't likely come down until late this year. There is a proposed route that could go near an existing line that would a lot of private land. The problem is it's located on The Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. The older lines were put in before it was made into a conservation area, but Thompson said a similar plan was rejected by officials in Washington D.C.

"We are being heard. We just need Washington D.C to hear us," Thompson said.

She admits local officials have been very receptive to her concerns and hopes the project's leaders will change their minds on the route before a final decision is made.