Watering lawn could cost more for some irrigation customers

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - Susan Dodge of Meridian said she won't be watering her lawn for the rest of the year after irrigation was shut off early due to a low snow pack. Many residents are doing the same because cities such as Meridian usually have charge for volume used.

"I don't plan on using city water because the letter they sent out it would be to costly for me," said Dodge. "So I'm going to let it dry out and hope it comes back next spring."

Meridian Public Works sent out a letter in August asking residents to try and conserve water, and not to water their lawns during certain parts of the day.

Unlike irrigation which usually charges a flat rate. Meridian charges $1.86 for every 1,000 gallons of water. While that may not seem like much it can add to a water bill quickly.

Officials said irrigation water is a huge help in supplementing their supply. Especially in the desert climate with so many people having landscapes. This year has shown how vulnerable cities can be when snow packs are low.

Even those with a well told KBOI that it was hard to try and keep their lawns green with the hotter than average weather.