Water levels in ID make a comeback, but not everywhere

BOISE, Idaho - Snowy and wet weather in February & March have helped low water levels rise back up to normal levels. Although some areas of the state can still expect water shortages this summer.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture the Boise Basin in March saw precipitation that was 165 percent of normal. Which means the snowpack will be able to fill reservoirs people rely on for electricity, agriculture, and recreation.

Although not all areas saw as much rain and snow as needed. Hydrologist Ron Abramovich said areas like the Owyhee Basin will see well below it's normal levels.

"We are still talking drought conditions in the Owyhee Basin," said Abramovich. "Their irrigators are only going to get 25% of their normal allotments so their water is not going to last very long."

Farmers in the Boise basin should still see a consistent supply, and likely won't have to worry about being cut off early this year.

Although it's still unknown what this water level will have on fire season.