Watchful neighbor tells story of helping deputies with manhunt

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Police say Scott Davis is in custody thanks to help from one man who lives in the neighborhood where Davis was leading police on a chase. Ada County deputies, police from Boise, Garden City, Meridian, Eagle and Star, and US Marshals spent all afternoon and early evening Tuesday looking for Davis.

Deputies say Davis was wanted for vehicle and credit card theft. When they tracked down his location near McMillan Road and Five Mile Road Tuesday morning, they began setting up a perimeter to arrest him. Deputies say Davis bolted, jumped in a van and rammed into one of their vehicles, getting away.

For hours, officers weren't able to find Davis. But at around 7 p.m. they got a call from a neighbor in the Westview subdivision saying Davis had been seen walking down the street.

Michael Stuart, who also lives in Westview says shortly after that, he heard something in his garage.

"I looked up, looked down and I saw movement in the back of the car," Stuart told KBOI. "He got out of the passenger's side, so I came around the driver's side to the passenger's side. He was trying to get past me, and I grabbed him by the throat in hopes that it would slow him down long enough for the police to get here because we were yelling our lungs out."

Police heard the yells. They say they had enough time to get behind Stuart just in time before he lost his grip on Davis.

"As he went past me, the police were right here and got him," Stuart said.

Officers used a taser to apprehend Davis. Paramedics treated him on site before he was taken away.