Boise Police Cpl. Kevin Holtry returns home: 'He's always been an inspiration'

Boise Police Cpl. Kevin Holtry is finally home.

Holtry, who was shot in the line of duty in November, has been at a rehabilitation hospital in Colorado since the beginning of January.

And, when he finally passed the security gate inside the Boise Airport, he pumped his fist in triumph. For him, coming home is a big win.

"...This is where everything is coming to fruition and where everyone who has been supporting me and is supporting me to see me come home as healthy and strong as I am is pretty neat," Holtry said.

The public celebration was brief, but the private celebration with his family and his brothers in arms still has a long way to go.

"Even people who were there that day I haven't seen them, so I have a lot of hugs and hellos to give out."

On Nov. 11, Holtry and Cpl. Chris Davis were shot while they were looking for armed suspect Marco Romero, who was wanted for shooting two people and carjacking an elderly woman in Meridian. Davis has made a full recovery, however, police K9 Jardo later died after suffering complications from surgery.

Holtry's goal is to one day soon put on his uniform to again protect and serve the people of Boise. Chief of Police Bill Bones says it would be be just another chapter of Holtry's legacy.

"Kevin has always made a difference in the lives of our officers," Bones said. "Hes always been an inspiration. This is just above and beyond. He's going to continue to be an inspiration to every officer and every new officer that comes through those doors in the future. He's going to make a difference. He's going to show them what you can do."