Wash. soldier claims fast food worker spiked soda

TILLICUM, Wash. -- A local soldier claims what he found at the bottom of a fast food soda cup made him sick. The decorated veteran calls it assault, and he wants to raise the alarm so other soldiers don't get hurt.

A Popeye's restaurant opened recently across the interstate from Joint Base Lewis McChord and U.S. Army Major Tony Wingfield decided to use the drive-thru to get lunch. He placed his order and pulled up to the window to pay, where he asked the counterperson if he could add a jalapeno pepper.

"The lady says you already ordered, and I say, well I'm still here, right? And I could tell she's irritated," Wingfield said.

He never got that pepper, and Wingfield said he took his drink and chicken back to JBLM, but it didn't go well.

"Within moments of eating, I just started retching," he said.

Wingfield stumbled to a sink - still holding his drink cup. He said he popped the lid and was shocked to see what looked like a napkin inside.

"And when I pull the napkin out, I realize it's not a napkin. It's an anti-microbial wet wipe, and there's two of them in there," he said.

That night, he went to the hospital.

No one from the Popeye's restaurant chain was available to officially comment, but the franchise manager in Tillicum said they reviewed their camera footage and couldn't find Wingfield using the drive-thru. However, the manager acknowledges that Wingfield does have a receipt, which he has since turned over to police.

Wingfield wants an apology, and thinks the employee should be fired.

"If she did it to me, it could be happening to other soldiers," he said, "because their main source of business is the soldiers of JBLM."

Lakewood Police took a report, but investigators said it could be difficult to prove an employee put the wipes in the cup.

"I'm just angry because I believe I was assaulted," Wingfield said.